Why Mach4?

We chose Mach4 for our control for a number of reasons. Artsoft, a division of Newfangled Solutions, has been producing Mach software for the hobby CNC market for over a decade. Their last version of the software, Mach3, was very successful in the hobby market as well as in CNC routers and plasmas of all shapes and sizes and many other machines, far too many to list here. For those familiar with Mach3 from any of these industries, they will know it had some flaws. With Mach4, Newfangled Solutions, has taken the opportunity to rebuild their software from the ground up, turning it into a fully capable industrial level control. This rebuild benefits hobby users and industrial machine builders alike. The new software is fast and flexible, it can digest code faster than most industrial controls, its new scripting engine allows for almost limitless customization for many applications, and the new screen editor couldn’t be easier to use. All of this allows us to build a powerful control, capable of executing the most complex and demanding code at alarming speeds, yet still be easy to learn and use for our customers. Using an industrial control such as Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Siemens, etc, wouldn’t give us the ability to create this balance of power and usability. These industrial controls are also notorious for lacking memory capacity. For many people making simple 2D blocks this will never be an issue. However, for more complex parts with 3 dimensional geometries or large amounts of material removal can easily result in programs that exceed the capacity of many industrial controls. At launch, all of our machines come standard with 64GB solid state hard drives for program storage and 4GB of RAM. If you have a program that exceeds the memory capacity of these controls, we will gladly help you expand the memory capacity of your machine. And unlike the industrial guys, it won’t cost you thousands of dollars to do it. Check out our control and all of its features on our website. www.element-cnc.com

Ryan O'ConnorComment