Company Information

Element Machine Tools was founded to provide high performance machines at an affordable price for small to medium sized manufacturers. A growing trend in this small manufacturing market is for inventors and entrepreneurs to start producing their own products. This requires equipment. A common starting place is using high end hobby machines due to their attractive price, less than $20,000. However, these machines are designed for the needs of a hobby maker, not a production manufacturer. While they are great machines for their purpose, they do not hold up to long days making chips. Hobby level machines also tend to be less intimidating for non-machinists as they are designed for the hobby market, where not everyone has a manufacturing back ground. The other option is expensive industrial machine tools, where prices can easily exceed $100,000. While the industrial options are far more reliable and capable than their less expensive cousins in the hobby world, they are also much more complex to learn and run. For someone with little to no background and training, standing in front of one of these machines can be very intimidating. Enter Element Machine Tools. Using industrial iron and electronics paired with an easy to use PC based controller powered by Mach4, our machines are carefully spec’d to provide the greatest performance at an affordable price. Many of the machines are loaded with industrial features, such as BT taper spindles, control panels with integrated MPG and expansion port for a pendant, closed loop servo controls on all axes, high speed servo spindles, automatic central lubrication, and more. Head over to our website to check out our machines and their unique features.