Torrent tool room bed mill

Torrent tool room bed mill

Built on the same frame, and with the same mototors as the production ready R model, Torrent is ready to get to work making parts. The open bed style makes it a versatile machine for tool rooms and maintenance shops. Optional electronic hand wheels turn this machine into a high speed electronic mill! Contact us today to get a quote!




  • 5 hp spindle and high powered servos increase cutting feeds to decrease your cycle times.
  • BT-30 spindle provides greater rigidity than R-8 systems allowing for higher material removal rates.
  • Bellville washer stack and air over hydraulic tool release, never worry about a tool holder being pulled out of the spindle.
  • Heavy, full cast iron frame and counterweighted Z axis. More mass to absorb vibrations from the cutting process means better surface finish, longer tool life and higher possible feedrates.
  • Linear guide way on all axes are smoother, more accurate and lower maintenance than dovetail ways found on competitors machines.
  • Auto lubrication.
  • 10 station automatic tool changer for unattended machining.
  • 64 GB of program storage, 4 GB RAM, easily expandable. Load and run even the largest G code files.
  • Wi-Fi standard, connect to internal networks to access programs stored on a server. Automatically email customizable machining statistics. Support technicians can log in to help with training and solving/diagnosing problems.
  • Industry standard G code programming, Fanuc compatible. Use your existing programs for Fanuc or Mach3 powered machines.
  • Fanuc macro B programming, build parametric programs for families of parts or use industrial accessories such as probes and tool setters.
  • Advanced trajectory planning for fast execution of complex tool paths.
  • Cutting edge dual mode cutter compensation. Adapt to complex parts by changing modes on the fly, no need to exit a cut or change parameters to switch.
  • Synchronized tapping to accurately and rapidly tap holes.
  • Easily turn small parts using the spindle and table mounted turning tools, multiple control modes support constant surface speed, threading and other lathe functions.
  • Mill wizards make on machine programming easy.


Specs Imperial Metric
Dimensions (L x W x H) 57.1 x 53.2 x 78.8 in 1450 x 1350 x 2000 mm
Table Size 31.5 x 9.8 in 800 x 250 mm
T-Slot Size .63 in 16 mm
Weight 2976 lb 1350 kg
Working Travel X 15.75 in 400 mm
Y 9.5 in 240 mm
Z 15.75 in 400 mm
Spindle Speed 10,000 RPM 10,000 RPM
Spindle Power 5 hp 3.7kW
Spindle Taper BT30 BT30
Input Voltage 220v 3ph/1ph (derate spindle 30%) 220v 3ph/1ph (derate spindle 30%)
Servo Power 1.75 hp 1.3 kW
Servo Torque 1175.4/3299.6 oz-in 8.3/23.3 Nm
Max Feedrate 1000 ipm 25.4 m/min