Terra Drill tap center

Terra Drill tap center

At only 41 inches in width, Terra packs a lot of capability into a small package. Terra is a fully capable drill/tap center that is not limited to making small holes. Equipped with Element's Carbon CNC control and Yaskawa drive systems and 20,000 rpm spindle, Terra is ready to take on high feed milling, 3D profiling, multi axis work and more. With no maintenance access on either side, machines can be stacked together to reduce operator travel distances and increase spindle density, resulting in increased efficiency. Terra can also be fitted with manual and automatic pallet changers, on either side of the machine, leaving the front door free and clear for operator access. Contact us today for more information!


  • Standard 20,000 RPM 5 hp (continuous) spindle.
  • Compact foot print allows for higher spindle density in your shop.
  • THK roller guide ways and preloaded ball screws provide smooth/accurate motion.
  • 1.7 second tool-to-tool time.
  • Standard flush coolant makes chip removal easy.
  • 64 GB of program storage, 4 GB RAM, easily expandable. Load and run even the largest G code files.
  • Wi-Fi standard, connect to internal networks to access programs stored on a server. Automatically email customizable machining statistics. Support technicians can log in to help with training and solving/diagnosing problems.
  • Industry standard G code programming, Fanuc compatible. Use your existing programs for Fanuc or Mach3 powered machines.
  • Fanuc macro B programming, build parametric programs for families of parts or use industrial accessories such as probes and tool setters.
  • Advanced trajectory planning for fast execution of complex tool paths.
  • Cutting edge dual mode cutter compensation. Adapt to complex parts by changing modes on the fly, no need to exit a cut or change parameters to switch.
  • Synchronized tapping to accurately and rapidly tap holes.
  • Easily turn small parts using the spindle and table mounted turning tools, multiple control modes support constant surface speed, threading and other lathe functions.
  • Mill wizards make on machine programming easy.


Specs Imperial Metric
Dimensions (W x D x H) 41.3 x 97.9 x 81.5 in 1050 x 2487 x 2070 mm
Table Size 24.4 x 15.7 in 620 x 400 mm
T-Slot Size .63 in 16 mm
Weight 4300 lb 1955 kg
Working Travel X 11.8 in 300 mm
Y 15.75 in 400 mm
Z 13.00 in 330 mm
Spindle Speed 20,000 RPM 20,000 RPM
Spindle Power 7.5 hp 5 kW
Spindle Taper BT30 BT30
Input Voltage 220v 3ph 220v 3ph
Servo Power 1.7 X Y/2.4 Z hp 1.3 X Y/1.8 Z kW
Servo Torque 1175.4 X Y/1628.5 Z oz-in 8.3 X Y/11.5 Z Nm
Max Feedrate 1600 ipm 40.6 m/min