Tormach Mach4 Conversion Kit

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Tormach Mach4 Conversion Kit


Convert your Tormach PCNC-1100 or PCNC-770 mill to Newfangled Solutions' new, more powerful Mach4 CNC control software.

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Element Machine Tools has developed a conversion kit to convert your Tormach PCNC-1100 or PCNC-770, with or without tool changer, to Artsoft’s new Mach4 software. The system and software are easy to install; your machine will be running in minutes. Extra ports allow connection of an accessory pendant with MPG and additional I/O to support custom features. This conversion kit is for those who are looking to upgrade their Tormach PCNC mills to a faster, flexible, more reliable system.

Mach4 Features/Improvements

  • Full support for industry standard G code, as well as backwards compatibility with the Mach3 system. Programs written for the old Mach3 system will run in Mach4 as well as most programs written for Fanuc controlled machines.

  • The new Fanuc Type C cutter compensation with advanced anti-gouging.

  • Up to 100x faster response to button presses. Feed hold and overrides are instantaneous.

  • New screen editor allows for quick and easy screen customization without ever leaving the Mach4 environment.

  • Lua scripting engine provides unlimited potential for customization.

  • New head shift makes setting up side mounted accessories such as Tormach’s companion spindles a snap.

  • Complete rebuild, sharing less than 1% of code with Mach3

The conversion kit includes an ethernet connected motion controller that will serve as the link between your computer and the machine. By using an ethernet connection, you will be able to retain your current computer (check the recommended requirements at ). The box will connect to the Tormach mill with the standard 25 pin parallel cable. Our easy software install is pre-configured for the Tormach PCNC mill system and licensing is as easy as plugging our Mach4 for Tormach control box into the computer. The result, a faster, more reliable, vastly customizable control system never before available for you PCNC milling machine.