Element Machine Tools is a full service provider of specialized CNC manufacturing equipment for niche markets. Our goal is to break the mold of what is expected from typical machine tool builders and distributors by providing solutions as unique as our customers.


"Why should our customer's try so hard to fit their parts into typical machine tools? Why not fit the machines to their parts?"

-Thomas Lamontagne
President, Element Machine Tools


Our team of industry professionals is dedicated to finding the solutions that best fits our customers' individual needs. Our ability to custom design and build a machine and control system means you decide how to manufacture your parts. Our engineering and turnkey capabilities give you the confidence that you are making your product as efficiently as possible. Element Machine Tools can provide solutions far beyond our standard offering of machines, we are constantly developing new solutions and machinery and can build any style machine to suit your needs. If it's not in our standard offering, contact us and we'll build a solution for you.


About Element 

About Element
Element Machine Tools was founded in 2015 to provide high performance manufacturing solutions at a price small manufacturers can afford


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